Missed Bin Collection

If your rubbish, recycling or garden waste collection has been missed, please check the following before completing a missed bin form:

  • Day - have you put your bin out on the right day? Take a look at our Collection Day page.
  • Position - is your bin at the edge of your property, in a clearly visible location?
  • Container - is the waste in a bin provided by Mid Sussex District Council?  
  • Time - was your bin ready for collection from 7am? 

If you have followed these guidelines and your bin has still not been collected, please let us know by filling in our secure, online Missed Bin Collection form as soon as possible following due collection date.

  • Once a missed bin is reported and we check the crew round sheets to see if there was a reason noted for the missed collection.
  • If there is no reason we will raise a 'justified' report and will ask for the bin to be revisited within 3 working days. Please ensure your bin is available for collection during this time.
  • Please note if your bin was missed due to an access issue (e.g. the collection crew could not gain access due to cars parked on narrow road / road works etc.), or an issue was reported with the bin on the crew sheet, we will return when operationally possible and this may take longer than 3 days.
  • Please use the Missed Bin Form to report a missed rubbish, recycling or garden waste collection, or to let us know about a dog waste or litter bin that has not been emptied.

Material for recycling should be clean, dry and loose (not contained in bags). For full details of the recycling service please look at our all about recycling in Mid Sussex page.

Bank Holidays

Please note scheduled collections remain unchanged on Bank Holidays except over the Christmas and New Year period. Collection calendars include information about changes to collections during this period.

Adverse Weather

Collections may change during adverse weather (such as snow and ice) please check our Disruptions to Collections page for the latest updates.