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If there are any reported problems with general waste and recycling collections they will be reported here.

Collections Missed Due to Access Issues

Occasionally the waste or recycling collection freighter is not able to access areas due to factors such as vehicles parked at entrance to roads, vehicles parked in areas used for turning the freighter, vehicles parked on both sides of narrow roads, obstructions due to building works/ vehicles and road works. Every blocked access situation is slightly different.

The driver of the freighter is responsible for gaining safe access to areas from which he needs to empty bins, if he is concerned about safety of residents, his crew, his vehicle or any other vehicles in the road he will not enter the road. When this happens the crew note it on their rounds sheet and attempts will be made to access the area at a different time, this may not be by the usual crew who service the area.

A missed bin report need not be raised for bins missed due to access issues as our contractor will be aware of the situation and will be looking at ways to revisit the area as soon as operationally possible. If your bin has been missed due to an access issue please leave your bins out as we cannot specify when we will come back.

Where possible with road works we look to make contact with the contractor responsible to see if access can be given / lights can be held etc. while we make collection.

Where parked cars are blocking access the crew do have flyers that can be left on windscreens asking owners not to park in this position on collection day to allow bins to be emptied. We are very limited to what we can do where there are no parking restrictions.

Frozen garden bins

During cold spells you may find that the material in your garden bin freezes. Garden waste expands when frozen and may become stuck fast in the bins, preventing emptying. Where possible crews will check back later in the day, however this may not always be practical. If not then we will empty the bin on the next scheduled collection day (as per Garden Waste Collection Service Terms and Conditions). Trying to empty frozen bins can result in loss of the whole bin into the freighter.

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