Parking FAQs

On this page you can find links to our most common queries about parking:

  • I've received a parking ticket (PCN). What do I do?

    Please don't ignore it. We have added a leaflet with your Penalty Charge Notice which gives you all the advice you need in order to appeal, and what will happen if you don't.  You can also look at our appeals page or penalty charge page, which give more advice.

  • How long do I have to pay the discount?

    By law you are allowed 14 days from the day you received the PCN. After that time, the full charge is payable.

  • But if I write in, won't I lose the discount?

    There is no law to hold the charge while you write in, but it would be unfair to expect you to pay if you are waiting to hear back from us. We will reoffer the discount for another 14 days only if we say no to your appeal. However, we only do this the once, and we make it clear when we write that we won't offer it again. If you choose to write in after this time, then you much not expect a further extension on the discount.

  • What happens if I don't pay?

    If you do nothing, the Council applies to the DVLA for the address of the Owner.  This might not be you, but under law it is the Owner who is liable.  Once the address is provided, the Council will send out what is called in law a Notice to Owner. This is a formal written Notice which explains the charge is unpaid and the Owner must either pay the full charge or make what is called a formal Representation.  Depending on the Council's decision the PCN is either closed, or the Council will reject it and supply forms to the Independent Adjudicator.

    However if no action is taken against the Notice to Owner, the charge will increase, and eventually we will take action to recover the charge.

    The Legal Act which Councils operate under when enforcing parking also gives them the powers to pursue an unpaid Penalty as if it were a debt, which can mean an Enforcement Agent (bailiff) becomes involved.

  • Can I pay and still contest the matter?

    No. The law is such that payment closes the case. If the case is paid, the Council has no need to approach the DVLA for the Owner's details, and the Notice to Owner won't be served as this is only to request an unpaid charge.

  • There is an Enforcement Agent pursuing me for the debt. Now what do I do?

    It is really too late to settle the matter with the Council. We are still responsible for the Enforcement Agent's actions, but the charges are laid out by an Act and are now used by all Enforcement Agents in the Country.

    Unfortunately, from our experience, the first time we make contact with a Defendant is when the bailiff has visited, but by then it is far too late. We will have already provided 56 days for the Defendant to make an Appeal, and a further minimum of 50 days before the a request is made to the Court to authorise a Warrant.  This is a total of nearly three and a half months, which is considered a reasonable amount of time to deal with the PCN, especially as it is often longer than this.

  • Why don't the pay and display machines give change?

    It is very unusual for pay and display machines to give change, and we are not aware of any Councils, or indeed manufacturers, which supply anything like this.  Pay and Display machines are the kind that stand alone in a car park.  If they were to hold change it would require the machines to be moved to a secure area (against a wall) in order to meet insurance criteria. The capacity would need to be increased, and extra staff would need to be employed to regularly top up the change.  It is simply not practical to look at increasing insurance fees, staffing, and security on this basis. Pay on Foot is an alternative, but at a current cost of approximately £16,000 per machine it is not cost effective to do so.

  • If I put extra money in when buying a pay and display ticket do I get extra time?

    No. The machine's software is set up to give time according to the charges on the board.  Paying in increments (e.g., 5p over the published charge will give 5 minutes extra) is a very complicated programme for the machines to run.