TPO and Conservation Area checker

You can use this map to check for the following:

  1. Tree Preservation Orders (both individual trees and area orders)
  2. Conservation Areas (works to trees in a conservation area require the approval of the local authority)
  3. To see if a tree is protected by a condition on a planning permission

Please note that the facility only shows data for the Mid Sussex District Council area.  Sites in direct proximity to the district boundary should be subject to additional checks with the neighbouring authority.

Tree Preservation Orders for sites within the South Downs National Park Area are only shown up until 2012.  For information about Tree Preservation Orders within the national park after this date, please contact the South Downs National Park Authority.

To use:

  • Enter a postcode or part of an address to locate a site
  • Click on a tree symbol or hatched area to retrieve information about the record
  • Confirmed Orders are marked in green, provisional orders in amber and revoked/not confirmed orders in red