Do I need planning permission?

Find out if you need planning permission before you apply.

Some alterations to your home might not require planning permission and could be carried out as permitted development if they satisfy certain limits and conditions.  These include:

  • Extensions
  • Dormers
  • Outbuildings
  • Hardsurfaces/decking
  • Boundary treatment
  • Other specific works

The planning portal's interactive guidance for householders will help establish if planning permission is required.

In some areas permitted development rights have been removed by issuing an 'Article 4' direction.  This means that you have to submit a planning application for work which normally does not need one.  Check to see if your property is within such an area.

In some cases your property may be tied to a restriction and you will be required to apply for planning permission.

If you would like an officer's informal decision on whether planning permission is required complete our do I need planning permission form.

If you don't need planning permission you may still need building regulation approval.