How We Process Your Planning Application

An application has just been submitted, what happens now?


Once a planning application has been submitted, it will be assessed by our validation officers to ensure that all the required information has been included as part of the application.

If anything is missing or insufficient, the application will be made “Invalid”. This means that the application is put on hold and will not progress to the planning officers until the required information has been provided. The agent (or applicant if no agent is being used) will be notified of any outstanding requirements within 5 working days of submission. If the additional requirements are not submitted within 21 working days from the date the letter was sent, the application will be returned.

If all the requirements have been received, the application will be allocated a case officer and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the agent (or applicant if no agent is being used). This will be sent out within 5 working days after all the required information has been received.


At this stage, the support team will then send out neighbour letters to any property whose boundary is within 4m of the application site giving them an opportunity to comment on the application. Please note that if you have commented on a previous application on the same site, you will not automatically be notified of subsequent applications. Anyone can make comments on an application, and further details on how to do so, and what issues are taken into account can be found on our Comment on a planning application page.

Mid Sussex also opt to advertise all the planning applications in the local newspaper (Mid Sussex Times or East Grinstead Observer depending on the location of the application site). This will be published on the first or second Friday after application has been validated.

Please also note that you are able to sign up to notifications on our online planning register that will email you if we receive an application within a certain ward. Please see guidance on how to sign up to receive these notifications.


Once the case officer is in possession of the planning file, they will begin to assess the application. At some stage during the applications consideration period, the case officer will make a site visit to review the application site and the surrounding area.

After considerations have been made, the officer will write a report explaining the reason behind the decision. Once the report has been agreed, the decision notice will be issued to the agent or applicant. Please note that the decision on an application will not be sent out to neighbours or anyone that commented on the application, however the issued decision notice can be found on our Online Planning Register.

At any time during the consideration period, the application may be called into committee. Please follow this link for the committee procedure.


The target date for a decision is generally 8 weeks from the date the application is made valid. However, major applications (creation of 10 dwellings or more, creation of 1000m2 floorspace or more, or application sites over 1ha) will have an extended consideration period of 13 weeks.

If approved - the applicant can begin works on site. However, the conditions on the Decision Notice must be complied with and may require submission of further details at various times through the building of the development. Please see guidance on discharging planning conditions.

If refused - works must not commence. If the applicant feels the refusal was not reasonable, or the conditions imposed were unsuitable, they are able to appeal the decision. Please see our appeals procedure page.


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