Development and Infrastructure SPD

The District Council adopted guidance on Section 106 Agreements/ Planning Obligations in February 2006. The guidance takes the form of a Supplementary Planning Document entitled 'Development and Infrastructure' and it forms part of the Council's Local Development Framework for the District. This guidance took effect from 1st June 2006 and has been applied to planning applications submitted after this date.

This guidance replaced the Supplementary Planning Guidance document 'The Provision of Service Infrastructure Related to New Development; a Guide to Planning Obligations' (May 2004).

West Sussex County Council Contributions

The Council has received notification that West Sussex County Council (WSCC) have increased the indices for calculating Total Access Demand (TAD) which are shown in the table on page 51 of the Infrastructure SPD. The figure for Sustainable Access Contribution has increased from £325 to £400 and the figure for Infrastructure Contribution has increased from £650 to £800.

There are contribution calculators on the West Sussex County Council website for working out contributions for TAD, Education and Libraries (external link).

For further detailed guidance on s106 contributions and Planning Obligations for West Sussex County Council services, please visit: 

Ashdown Forest Mitigation

From the 1st January 2015, planning applications for residential development within 7km of Ashdown Forest will be required to make a financial contribution towards both Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) and Strategic Access Management and Monitoring (SAMM) mitigation. A completed Planning Obligation Instruction Form will need to be included alongside your planning application.


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