Railway Approach, East Grinstead - Development Brief

Railway Approach is an important link between East Grinstead Railway Station and the town centre - a role that is likely to increase in importance in the future when the Bluebell Railway reaches the station and brings larger numbers of people into the town. However, Railway Approach currently has a rather poor overall appearance.

The District Council adopted a Development Brief relating to the enhancement of the townscape of Railway Approach.  The aim of the brief is to outline how the townscape of Railway Approach could be improved, both on and off-street. It also points to a number of specific sites in Railway Approach that would benefit from a change of use, improvements or redevelopment.

The contents of the brief have deliberately been kept flexible to allow a wide range of possible solutions for improvement.  The brief will be taken into account as a material consideration when the Council considers any planning applications for changes of use, development or redevelopment of sites in Railway Approach.

The brief does not include the area immediately around the railway station. This is being looked at separately with a number of organisations who have an interest in the future of the station and adjoining land. This will form the subject of a separate development brief.

Railway Approach Development Brief