Local Land Charges Explained

This page explains what Local Land Charges are, and what the Local Land Charges team at Mid Sussex District Council (MDSC) provides.

The MSDC Local Land Charges Team provides an important service to members of the public purchasing homes and property.

As a Local Authority, MSDC has a statutory duty under the Local Land Charges Act 1975 to maintain an accurate and up-to-date Register of Local Land Charges affecting land and property in the Mid Sussex District.

A Local Land Charge is a registration or prohibition imposed on land or a financial charge, which is binding on successive owners or occupiers of property or land.

Examples of these include –

  • Conditions imposed on planning permissions
  • Restrictions such as Tree Preservation Orders.
  • Enforcement Notices.
  • Conservation Areas.
  • Charges for services such as roads.
  • Legal Agreements and Listed Buildings.

As a rule, a Local Land Charges Search (also called a Local Authority Search) is required on the sale or purchase of a property or land, on re-mortgage or when there are any dealings with land.

MSDC's Local Land Charges section can provide you with an Official Local Authority Search, which consists of two parts –

1. The LLC1, which reveals the information relevant to your property or land held in the Local Land Charges Register. See an example LLC1 form.

2. The Con29, which contains additional information regarding the property or land. The Con29 answers over 60 questions from a range of council departments, including Planning, Building Control and Environmental Health. It also provides Highways information held by West Sussex County Council. See an example Con29 form.

Further, optional information is available, if required, using the Con29O form. This covers questions such as Pipelines, Noise Abatement and Environmental and Pollution Notices. See an example Con29O form.

The Local Land Charges section research and collate all this information. This ensures that search requests are accurate, then returned as promptly as possible (our turnaround is just 5 working days), so minimising delays in the house buying process.

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For any enquiries relating to Local Land Charges, you can contact us by phone, email or post:

E-mail: landcharges@midsussex.gov.uk
Telephone: 01444 477444
Post: Local Land Charges, Mid Sussex District Council, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1SS
DX: Local Land Charges, Mid Sussex District Council, DX 300320, Haywards Heath 1

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