Full Plans Application

This is normally the best choice for work that includes:

  • New buildings
  • Extensions
  • Major structural alterations
  • Loft conversions

The benefits of using the Full Plans option are:

  • Advice will be given on the Building Regulations at the design stage of your project which means your plans are more likely to be passed by the Council.
  • A detailed report will normally be given within 15 working days of you making an application, identifying what needs to be done to comply with the Regulations.
  • A formal approval will be issued once the proposals comply with the Regulations.
  • Builders can work to approved drawings which reduces the risk of contravening the Regulations and will help to avoid costly delays.

How to submit a Full Plans application

Submit application online

Submit two copies of the completed Full Plans application form which we have provided for you to print.

These should be signed and returned together with:

  • The relevant Plan Charge and;
  • Four sets (or two sets for domestic applications) of scaled plans, sections and elevations of the proposal (1:50; 1:100)
  • A site location plan (1:1250) and block plan (1:500)
  • A detailed specification for the proposed work.

Alternatively, you can submit your Building Control application online by visiting

If you are already registered with Submit-a-Plan you can access our application forms here.


Your attention is drawn to the requirements of the Party Wall Act 1996 which may affect your proposals.

You must notify all affected neighbours if work you are intending to carry out falls within the Act.

This may include:

  • work on an existing wall shared with another property
  • building on the boundary with a neighbouring property
  • excavating near a neighbouring property

A guidance booklet on The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is available on the Communities and Local Government website.

Further Information

You are also advised to read this guidance sheet on un-mapped sewers which may affect your proposal.

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