Street Naming Process

The District Council considers street naming to be a matter of local community interest and it champions the involvement of local town and parish councils in choosing street names appropriate to the locality and in making the final decision over what street names will be used. The District Council carries out the process of street naming in accordance with national legislation and its own Street Naming and Numbering Policy.

Key stages in the street naming process

  • Developers can make suggestions for the street name/s or request that they be provided by the local council.
  • Preference will always be given to street names that reference the history and heritage of the site or surrounding area.  The District Council will not permit the use of development marketing names as street names.
  • The District Council will consult with the appropriate local council, who have the opportunity to accept names that have been suggested by the developer or to provide alternative names.
  • Developers can, of course, make direct representations the local council handling the choice of street name for their site. 
  • The proposed names are then forwarded to the Royal Mail and the Fire & Rescue Service for consultation. This is to make sure that, so far as is possible, the name is not duplicated elsewhere in the district or is likely to cause confusion with an existing address.
  • If any objections are raised then alternative names are put forward and the consultation process will be repeated until a name is agreed upon.
  • Although the District Council has the final say in street naming, unless there is a technical objection to the use of a specific name, names approved by the local councils will always be used.
  • Developers are then informed in writing, confirming the official name of the road, so that appropriate street signs may be organised.

Contact Details

The Street Naming and Numbering Officer can be contacted as follows:

Telephone: 01444 477175