Information for Developers

Whether you are building one new home, an entire estate or converting an existing property, it is vital that your new development is named and numbered very early on in the process.  If the property isn't addressed early in the process, a range of organisations will not be aware of its existence, which will cause inconvenience and delays.  The Council ensures that Royal Mail, utility companies and HM Land Registry are made aware of the new dwellings.

Once your development has received planning permission and before you commence work on site, you must contact the Street Naming and Numbering Officer at the Council offices. You will be given the fee for the Street Naming and Numbering service for your site. This fee must be paid upon application.  Payment can be taken by cheque, BACS or by credit/debit card over the telephone. 

If you are building in an existing street, the properties will be addressed into the existing numbering system. Where there is no suitable gap in the existing numbering, letters will be suffixed to the numbers, e.g. 23A. 

All numbers, including the number 13, must be used in the proper sequence. Applications to omit any number from a numbering sequence for whatever reason will be refused.

In streets where no numbering exists, you should provide suitable property names to the council.

If you are developing a site that will have a new road(s), you are welcome to provide us with your name suggestions. These will then be considered in consultation with the local town or parish council. The Council has the final decision on all new street names.

Once all the plots have been addressed, you will be supplied with the full postal addresses in writing, along with a list of plot numbers and their corresponding property numbers.

Street nameplates for new developments

It is the responsibility of the developer to supply and install all street signs on a new development. There are two distinct variations in design used, depending on what parish the development is within. We provide this list of street nameplate colours for reference. If you are unsure which specification should be applied to a development, please contact the Street Naming and Numbering Officer before ordering nameplates.

The largely urban parishes of Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, East Grinstead and Lindfield use a 'black on white' specification for nameplates.

The remaining parishes, which are more rural, use a 'white on green' specification for nameplates.

Contact Details

If you would like to contact the Street Naming & Numbering Officer you may do so using the following contact options:

Telephone: 01444 477175