Maps and Data

Access to spatial data

The Council has made available a wide range of spatial datasets at DATA.GOV.UK , including tree preservation orders and council land ownership.  The majority of these have been released under the terms of the Open Government Licence and you are free to access them and use them within the terms of this licence.

The data is released in the form of a Web Feature Service (WFS) feed and to make use of this data you will need access to a suitable software application, commonly known as a Geographical Information System (GIS) capable of handling the data.  Some popular examples are listed below, but others are available.

  • QGIS - A freely available open source professional GIS application
  • ESRI ArcMap (with interoperability extension) - Paid for professional GIS software
  • ESRI ArcGIS Online - Hosted GIS service. Starter accounts available for free

To access the data:

  1. Go to the DATA.GOV.UK website and select the dataset you are interested in.
  2. From the dataset page, click on the 'INSPIRE Download Service - Details' link.

     INSPIRE download details screenshot

  3. You will be a given a URL which you will need to paste into the WFS connection dialogue in your chosen GIS application. 

    INSPIRE WFS URL screenshot

  4. Once connected, you can manipulate the dataset, and depending on the GIS application you are using, save a copy to a different format for later use or local storage.

Printable maps

Various maps showing items such as the location of the Council Offices to the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are listed here.

Town centre maps