FOI Fees

Under the Freedom of Information Act there is an upper limit above which we, as a Council, do not have to provide information. This limit for local authorities is £450. The general guideline for working out whether or not a request may exceed this total is if the amount of work involved in finding and retrieving the information is likely to exceed 18 hours (2.5 working days).

The requestor of the information will be informed that the request will cost more than £450 as early on in the process as possible so that they have the option to adjust their request to bring it under the £450 limit.

Where there is an existing charge for information e.g. copies of the Local Plan, contaminated land information, these charges will still apply.

A standard photocopying/printing charge will apply. Please see the FOI charges document for full details of photocopying/printing charges, along with existing charges information.

The requestor will be informed of a charge as early on in the process as possible. As soon as the charge is determined they will be sent a letter requesting that they pay the amount before the information can be sent to them.

If payment is not received within 90 days of the fees letter being sent then the request will be closed.

For further information contact: