Environmental Information Regulations - Public Registers

The EIRs give certain rights of access to environmental information to the general public.

Public authorities are required to proactively and progressively disseminate to the public, any environmental information that they hold. This should be made available by electronic means where possible.

The Environment Agency holds a central register showing where statutory and other environmental registers can be found, as required in EU Directive 2003/4/EC Article 3 (5)(c) - see also Regulation 4 of the EIRs.

The Environment Agency issues permits to industry, business and individuals to carry out certain activities that have the potential to pollute the environment. When they receive an application for such a licence, they make that application and other relevant information available to the public. They do this before they make the decision of whether to issue the permit, or what conditions they will attach to it.

After any permit is issued, further information is also made available on the Registers. This can typically include monitoring information, details of any breaches of the terms of the licence, any enforcement actions that they have carried out and any applications to vary the terms of the licence.

Any member of the public has the right to access information about how the Environment Agency are carrying out our responsibilities. This right of access provides the opportunity to participate in their decision making process.

Environment Agency - Public Registers