Requesting Information About You

How can I access information about me?

Your request for information should be made in writing (email or fax will do, but see note below) and you will need to provide proof of identity and pay a fee. 

To help you make a request, the Council has a Subject Access Form, which you can print out and fill in. Please read the Guidance Notes for the Subject Access Form before completing the form or before sending an email or fax so that you know what we require from you in order to process your request. If you require a copy of the form in large print or braille, please let us know by phoning the number below.

When we have received your request, fee and accompanying documents, we must give you the information within 40 calendar days.

Sometimes, your personal information may contain information about other individuals. This is referred to as 'third party information'. You are only permitted to access information about you and we may have to withhold or edit information, so that it does not identify third parties.

Can I use email or fax to make a subject access request?

Yes, you will need to ensure however, that if you are including copies of your identification, that they have been stamped and signed by either a solicitor or a bank as verified copies, so that we can be sure of your identification. We cannot accept copies that have not been verified. 

You may also need to provide us with quite detailed personal information, so that we can find your records. Sending this type of information to us by email is not very secure, so you may prefer to print out out and post our form to us, along with any accompanying documentation required. Please refer to the guidance notes above to see which forms of identification we require.

Please note, we require payment of £10. As this cannot be included with email or fax we will email or write to you requesting the payment be sent in. No information will be provided until we have received proof of identity and payment.

Can I make a request for someone else?

Yes, but we need to be absolutely sure that you are authorised by them to make the request. Proof needs to be in writing and signed by that person.

Sometimes the person who you are making the request for is unable to exercise their right of access because they are too young or they do not have the mental capacity to understand their rights. Parents/carers are able to make applications on behalf of children, but they have no automatic right to the information. If a child is old enough to give informed consent of the information, the Council will be guided by their wishes. In all cases, disclosure of information will only occur if it is in the best interests of the child.

Authority to act on behalf of an adult lacking mental capacity would normally require a lasting power of attorney, which we will ask to see a copy of before we disclose the information.

I've filled in the application form, where do I send it?

Once you have filled in and signed the application form, send it back, with the fee and verified copies of the relevant documents, to the following address:

Data Protection Officer
Digital Services
Mid Sussex District Council
Oaklands Road
Haywards Heath
RH16 1SS

To contact the Council's Data Protection Officer, please e-mail: or phone 01444 477422.