CCTV Footage and your Rights

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You can only apply for access to information held on CCTV in specific circumstances. Access to images is generally restricted to the Police for evidence or to help tackle crime.

However, you can request access to CCTV images of yourself as long as the request is made in writing and gives enough detail to judge whether or not any CCTV images of you are held.  This is because the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act of 2000 require public authorities to make any personal data held by them about a member of public available to that person.

If images of you are held, an edited copy will be shown to you. Editing takes place to make sure no one except you appears in the image(s) and that no other data which does not relate to you is shown, for example - a vehicle registration number which is not yours.

If you think you may wish to make a request for access to information held on CCTV, please see the MSDC - procedure for the release of evidence page.

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