Trees and Woodlands

Looking after the trees of Mid Sussex

Mid Sussex natural landscape is known for its outstanding rich variety of trees and pleasant wooded scenery. The Landscapes Team looks after:

  • Around 20,000 trees
  • Over 70 Hectares of woodland, copses and shelterbelts

Trees add to the character of our towns and villages and we aim to maintain healthy trees that can be enjoyed by visitors to our parks and public open spaces. We do this by surveying the health of our trees every four years by an independent tree specialist and the report will be used to prioritise tree surgery. This may result in some trees having to be felled if the condition is too poor and likely to be a danger to the public.

The District Council looks after trees in:

  • Parks and open spaces
  • Sports grounds
  • Local nature reserves

West Sussex County Council looks after trees in:

  • Highway verges
  • Schools
  • Libraries

Town and Parish Council's looks after trees in:

  • Village greens
  • Trees in and around rented housing association properties will be looked after by the company that you pay your rent to.

Tree enquiries

Tree can be a very emotive subject as they are large structures that can cause a lot of damage if they fall. Your concerns for the health of a tree will be assessed individually and we will reply to you about what is intended to happen. You can normally expect that:

  • We will reply to your letter within ten working days
  • We will reply to your email within ten working days
  • We will reply to your telephone call within twenty four hours   

Please be aware that your request for pruning may be rejected if the tree is found to be in good health.

Mid Sussex District Council's Tree Management Guidelines

Tree and woodlands guidelines


Telephone: 01444 477439

Park Rangers 
Telephone: 01444 477561