Choice Based Lettings - FAQ

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  • What is Homemove Choice-Based Lettings (CBL)?

    The Council's Choice-Based Lettings (CBL) scheme gives you more choice about where you live in social housing. CBL lets you 'bid' for the homes you like by registering an interest in them. Homes are advertised every two weeks on the Sussex Homemove website where you can see photos and descriptions of each one. All 'bids' received are then ranked according to the household's housing need and allocated according to rules set out in the Council's Housing Allocation Scheme. The person ranked highest is contacted to offer them the property.

  • How do I register and get on to Homemove?

    Please complete our online application form. If the form doesn't work please report it to You must have a local connection with Mid Sussex to join the Council's housing register.

  • Can I get help filling in the form?

    For help and assistance for older people who want to register online please contact

  • I'm an Clarion Housing tenant. Why can't I join the Council's housing register?

    Clarion Housing has decided to take control of all transfers within its own housing stock and will now allow you to apply directly for a transfer to a new home with Clarion Housing through its own national choice-based letting system called 'Home Choice' at

    How does this affect you?

    If you were previously with Mid Sussex Homemove, your application has been transferred to Clarion Housing's Home Choice system, and so you will no longer be able to bid for homes through Homemove or remain on the Council’s housing register after 31 March 2015. You should have received your new login details for Home Choice from Clarion Housing. Please contact them direct if you have any questions about this.  You can contact Clarion Housing's Housing Options Team by emailing them at and they should be able to help you in the same way as our own Homemove Team have been doing up to now.

    Why will Clarion Housing tenants no longer be on the Council’s housing register?

    At the same time as deciding to manage its transfers within its own housing stock, Clarion Housing decided to limit the number of vacancies that it allows the Council to advertise through Homemove to applicants on our housing register. It has therefore been agreed with Clarion Housing that their tenants should no longer be on the Council's housing register or able to bid for the limited number of vacancies that will now be available to the Council.

    Please note: Clarion Housing tenants who are in need of Extra Care housing or require housing that is wheelchair accessible or fully wheelchair adapted and are in Mobility Group 1 or 2 will still be allowed to join (or remain on) the Council’s housing register. If this applies to you, please let the Mid Sussex Homemove Team know.

  • What happens after I've registered for Homemove?

    You will be sent a welcome pack containing your new membership number (which you will need in order to bid), details of the Band you have been placed in and your Priority Date (which is the date you registered). You can download a copy of the Scheme Users Guide from the Homemove website which explains how everything works and how you can bid for a home.

  • What if my welcome pack doesn't arrive?

    Please be patient as it can take 2-3 weeks for your welcome pack to arrive after you submit your online form. If it doesn't arrive, please contact the Homemove Team on 0300 100 0303

  • What are the Bands?

    When your application is submitted, you will be placed into one of four Bands that show your priority for housing. Full details of who goes into which band are set out in the Council's Housing Allocation Scheme but there is a summary of the bands at the end of our booklet 'How to apply for social housing in Mid Sussex'.

    • Band A is for households with an emergency or urgent priority to move
    • Band B is for households with a high priority to move
    • Band C is for households with a medium priority to move
    • Band D is for households with no housing need but who are interested in affordable housing. 
  • What is my Priority Date?

    When you register you are given a Priority Date, which is the date when you registered. If you later move into a higher band you will be given a new Priority Date, which is the date you moved into the higher band.  You may also be given a new Priority Date if you are removed from the register and then reinstated.  Your new Priority Date in this situation will be the date you were reinstated.

  • How do I bid?

    The easiest way to bid is by logging on with your Homemove number on the Homemove website. But you can also bid by automated telephone or by text message. Details of how to bid like this are set out in the Scheme Users Guide you can download from the Homemove website.

  • What type of home can I bid for?

    When you log on to the Homemove website you will find all the properties you are entitled to bid for ready for you to choose. We will normally advertise homes based on the following criteria:

    • Property size - the property advert tells you how many bedrooms the property has and what sized family the home is suitable for.
    • Adapted properties and those with a mobility code may be offered first to people with a confirmed requirement or need.
    • Ground floor accommodation may be offered first to those people who have an agreed need for such properties.
    • Sheltered accommodation is only available for people who meet the age requirements or other specific needs.
    • Rural properties - some properties in rural areas may be restricted to people with a proven connection to the village or parish.
    • New housing developments - first lettings of new housing developments will be offered first to people who have a local connection with the town or village where the new homes are. 
  • How many bids can I make?

    You can bid for up to three properties in every fortnightly cycle. Each cycle begins when the new property list is published on a Thursday and then bidding starts at 4pm that day and closes at 2pm on the following Wednesday. There is no advantage in bidding early, so long as you bid before bidding closes you will be considered.

  • Once I've made a bid can I change my mind?

    Yes - before bidding closes you can change or withdraw your bid if you want to and later on you can choose to refuse an offer if that is your decision. There is no advantage given to people who bid early. Your bid will be considered so long as you bid before bidding closes at 2pm on the Wednesday of that cycle.

  • How do I know if my bid is successful?

    If you are offered a home, you will be contacted to make an arrangement for you to view it as soon as possible. You can decide to accept or refuse the offer when you view the home or within 24 hours of viewing. We can make arrangements if you have any special needs or requirements. We will not write to you if your bid is not successful but we will publish feedback about the number of bids we had for each home and what band the successful bidder was in.

  • I'm homeless - can I still choose a home through Choice-Based Lettings?

    Yes - but you will have to bid within a time limit, after which we may bid on your behalf if you haven't been successful.

  • Can I still bid if I am in rent arrears?

    You can bid for homes you are eligible for but you may be given less priority if you are a social tenant in rent arrears or have a housing related debt to a housing association or a council. If you want to move, it is important that you keep your rent payments up to date or clear any debt you have on a previous tenancy.

  • Looking to do a mutual exchange?

    Clarion Housing tenants get free membership with Homeswapper - one of a number of national mutual exchange sites for council and housing association tenants wishing to swap homes with their landlords' permission. Guidance on mutual exchange in Mid Sussex

  • Any other questions?

    Please contact:
    The HomemoveTeam
    Clarion Housing
    Upton House, 7 Perrymount Road
    Haywards Heath
    RH16 3TN

    0300 100 0303