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Council Tax

Council Tax Discounts

This page lists the discounts available to council tax charges. 

Council Tax Discounts and Disregards

If you receive a discount and your circumstances change, and that change means that you would no longer be entitled to that discount, you must tell the Council Tax department within 21 days of the change. If you fail to do so you may be required to pay a penalty.


You may be entitled to a receive a discount on your Council Tax bill if you meet certain criteria.


The Council Tax charge is based on 2 adults living in a property. There are circumstances where adults are disregarded, or ignored, for Council Tax purposes, meaning the charge is reduced by 25% where there is only 1 adult resident who is not disregarded.

There may also be circumstances where all residents living in the property are disregarded, meaning the charge is reduced by 50%, or in some circumstances an exemption is applicable.