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Council Tax Support Scheme

Council Tax Support Banded Income Scheme Consultation

We are consulting on changes to the existing Council Tax Support scheme for working age people from 1st April 2020. The Council has to decide whether to keep the same scheme as now or whether to make changes to help it work alongside Universal Credit.

We are looking at a number of changes in the proposed scheme:

  1. Using a banded scheme where the percentage of Council Tax that you are liable to pay is based on which income band each household falls in to dependent on whether they are in a protected or non-protected group.

The protected groups include anyone with an award of:-

  • a disability premium within Council Tax Support or Working Tax Credit
  • the support group of Employment support allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment
  • Both Income Support and Carers allowance
  • A War Disablement Pension, Armed Forces Pension or Armed Forces Independence payments
  • Or any lone parent with a child under 5 years old

The Income bands will be as follows


Excess income

Protected Group

Non Protected Group


-£30 (including passported claims)




£30.00 – £59.99




£60.00 - £94.99




£95.00 – £129.99




£130.00 - £164.99




£165.00 +




  1. A rate of deduction for all non-dependants of £4 per week for those who are working or not claiming any DWP benefits. This excludes non-dependants in households where the claimant and/or partner are in receipt of the care component of disability living allowance or the daily living component or personal independence payments.
  2. The introduction of a minimum income floor for self-employed claimants
  3. Increase in backdating a maximum of 12 months providing good cause is demonstrated
  4. Alignment with Housing Benefit regulations for late notified changes
  5. Alignment with Housing Benefit regulations for changes that occur in year
  6. Removal of second adult rebate
  7. No claim form is required for CTS where UC is claimed.

More Information

Further detials of the scheme and how it is likely to affect residents can be found in Proposed Council Tax Support (CTS) Banded Income Scheme for 2020/2021 and examples of calculations to see how it could affect individuals can be found in the Individual Sample Calculations document.

Individual consultation calculator

Use our consultation calculator

If you would like to see how you will be affected as an individual please use our consultation calculator which will show you the level of support you are entitled to under the current scheme and how this will be affected under the proposed screen.

Comment on this consultation

Comment on this consultation​

The Council Tax Support Scheme Consultation 2020/21 can be completed online through the Mid Sussex website, until Friday 1 November 2019. Computers are available for use at the Council’s offices in Oaklands, Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath.

Paper copies are available to those without access to the internet. Telephone 01444 477264 or call in to the Council’s Haywards Heath offices for a copy. You can also email the Council about this Council Tax Support Consultation at

Current Scheme

If you wish to apply for Council Tax Support then please see our Benefits pages.

Mid Sussex District Council Tax Support Scheme Policy