Appeal - Land South of Henfield Road, Albourne

The Planning Inspectorate have received an appeal against a planning application submitted to us relating to Land South of Henfield Road, Albourne.

The appeal is for “Outline planning permission for the erection of up to 120 residential dwellings including 30% affordable housing, public open space and community facilities. All matters are reserved except for access”

The Secretary of State appointed a Planning Inspector and the inquiry will open at 10:00am on 15th August 2023 with additional days starting at 9:30am. We have currently scheduled 4 sitting days, with 22nd & 23rd August as reserve days.

Please find below links to the Neighbour Notification Letter that was sent out in relation to this inquiry:

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Appeal Details

Document File Library

You can view all of the documents relating to the appeal on our Public Access planning system.  Once you are on Public Access: Select the appeals tab Enter the appeal reference no: AP/23/0035 Click on the Search button

This Core Documents Index Sheet will help in retrieving documents


CDA Planning Application Documents
CDA.1 Planning Application Form and Certificates View Document
CDA.2 Supporting Planning Statement (Strutt & Parker) View Document
CDA.3 Design and Access Statement (Omega Architects Ltd) View Document
CDA.4 Site Location Plan No. 3117-A-1001-PR-C View Document
CDA.5 Sketch Site Layout – Full Site Plan No. 3117-C-1006-SK-L View Document
CDA.6 Sketch Site Layout Plan No. 3117-C-1005-SK-K View Document
CDA.7 Land Use Plan No. 3117-A-1201-PR-C View Document
CDA.8 Access Plan No. 3117-A-1202-PR-C View Document
CDA.9 Building Heights Plan No. 3117-A-1203-PR-B View Document
CDA.10 Density Plan No. 3117-A-1204-PR-B View Document
CDA.11 Green Infrastructure Plan 3117-A-1205-PR-B View Document
CDA.12 Proposed Eastern Access Location & Visibility Splay Plan No. 093.0002.002 Rev C View Document
CDA.13 Proposed Access and Footway Design Plan No. 093.0002.005 Rev C View Document
CDA.14 Illustrative Landscape Masterplan Plan No. 3018-APA-ZZ-00-LA-L-1000 View Document
CDA.15 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (Allen Pyke Associates) View Document
CDA.16 Addendum to Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
(Allen Pyke Associates) (Sept 2022)
View Document
CDA.17 Built Heritage Application Statement (RPS) View Document
CDA.18 Transport Assessment (Paul Basham Associates) View Document
CDA.19 Travel Plan (Paul Basham Associates) View Document
CDA.20 Horizontal Illuminance (lux) Plan No. 2367-DFL-ELG-XX-CA-EO-13001-S3 View Document
CDA.21 Lighting Impact Assessment (Designs for Lighting Ltd) View Document
CDA.22 Ecological Impact Assessment (July 2022) (CSA Environmental) View Document
CDA.23 Biodiversity Net Gain Assessment (CSA Environmental) View Document
CDA.24 Agricultural Land Classification and Soil Resources (Reading Agricultural Consultants) View Document
CDA.25 Air Quality Assessment (Phlorum) View Document
CDA.26 Phase 1 Ground Conditions Assessment (Stantec) View Document
CDA.27 Geophysical Survey Report (Magnitude Surveys) View Document
CDA.28 Arboricultural Impact Assessment (Barton Hyett Associates) View Document
CDA.29 Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy (Wardell Armstrong) View Document
CDA.30 Statement of Community Involvement (BCEG) View Document
CDA.31 Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment (Orion) View Document
CDA.32 Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy (Wardell Armstrong) View Document
CDA.33 Preliminary Resource Assessment (Stantec) (Oct 2022) View Document
CDA.34 Assessment of the Impact on Agricultural Land and Soil Resources (Reading Agricultural Consultants) (Sept 2022) View Document
CDA.35 Arboricultural Impact Assessment Rev B (Hyett Associates) View Document
CDA.36 Heritage Response to the Comments of the MSDC Conservation Officer (RPS) (Oct 2022) View Document
CDA.37 Sketch Site Layout – Full Site Plan No. 3117-C-1006-SK-M View Document
CDA.38 Illustrative Landscape Masterplan Plan No. 3018-APA-ZZ-00-SK-L-0002 Rev P04 View Document
CDA.39 Ecological Impact Assessment (October 2022) (CSA Environmental) View Document
CDB Planning Application Consultation Responses, Officer Report and Decision Notice
CDB.1  Decision Notice dated 25 November 2022 View Document
CDB.2 Officer Delegated Report 24 November 2022 View Document
CDB.3 Historic Environment Advisor 5 August 2022 View Document
CDB.4 Street Naming & Numbering 8 August 2022 View Document
CDB.5 MSDC Flood Risk & Drainage Team 9 August 2022 View Document
CDB.6 WSCC – Lead Local Flood Authority 9 August 2022 View Document
CDB.7 MDSC Contaminated Land Officer 12 August 2022 View Document
CDB.8 Sussex Police 15 August 2022 View Document
CDB.9 WSCC Section 106 19 August 2022 View Document
CDB.10 MSDC Housing 23 August 2022 View Document
CDB.11 PTA Albourne CoE Primary School 24 August 2022 View Document
CDB.12 Southern Water GIS 25 August 2022 View Document
CDB.13 Southern Water 25 August 2022 View Document
CDB.14 WSSC Highways – Public Rights of Way 25 August 2022 View Document
CDB.15 MSDC Leisure 25 August 2022 View Document
CDB.16 WSCC Minerals & Waste 25 August 2022 View Document
CDB.17 Sussex Police 26 August 2022 View Document
CDB.18 MSDC Environmental Protection 30 August 2022 View Document
CDB.19 MSDC Landscape Consultant 26 August 2022 View Document
CDB.20 WSCC Highways Authority 16 September 2022 View Document
CDB.21 WSCC Fire & Rescue Service 29 September 2022 View Document
CDB.22 MSDC Conservation Officer 04 October 2022 View Document
CDB.23 MSDC Urban Design 29 September 2022 View Document
CDB.24 MSDC Planning Policy 06 October 2022 View Document
CDB.25 MSDC Conservation Officer 21 October 2022 View Document
CDB.26 MSDC Landscape Consultant 3 November 2022 View Document
CDB.27 WSCC Minerals & Waste 07 November 2022 View Document
CDB.28 MSDC Ecology Consultant 07 November 2022 View Document
CDB.29 NHS Sussex 17 May 2023 View Document
CDB.30 Albourne Parish Council 12 September 2022 View Document
CDC Statements of Case
CDC.1 Appellant’s Statement of Case (March 2023) View Document
CDC.2 Mid Sussex District Council’s Statement of Case (June 2023) View Document
CDD Statements of Common Ground
CDD.1 Planning Statement of Common Ground View Document
CDD.2 Landscape Statement of Common Ground (17th July 2023) View Document
CDD.3 Heritage Statement of Common Ground (14th July 2023) View Document
CDD.4 Highways Statement of Common Ground (27th June 2023) View Document
CDD.5 Housing Land Supply Statement of Common Ground View Document
CDE Local Planning Policy and Guidance
CDE.1 Mid Sussex District Council District Plan 2014-2031 (Adopted March 2018) View Document
CDE.2 Mid Sussex District Council Site Allocations DPD (Adopted June 2022) View Document
CDE.3 Albourne Parish Council Neighborhood Plan (Made September 2016) View Document
CDE.4 Mid Sussex District Council Affordable Housing SPD (adopted July 2018) View Document
CDE.5 Mid Sussex District Council Design Guide SPD (Adopted November 2020) View Document
CDE.6 Mid Sussex District Council Development Infrastructure and Contributions SPD (Adopted July 2018) View Document
CDE.7 Mid Sussex District Council Development Viability SPD (adopted July 2018) View Document
CDE.8 Air Quality and Emissions Mitigation Guidance for Sussex (2021) View Document
CDE.9 High Weald AONB Management Plan 2019-2024 View Document
CDE.10 West Sussex LLFA Policy for the management of Surface Water (November 2018) View Document
CDE.11 West Sussex County Council Guidance on Parking at New Developments (September 2020) View Document
CDE.12 Planning Noise Advice Document: Sussex (September 2021) View Document
CDE.13 South Downs National Park Design Guidance (July 2022) View Document
CDE.14 Capacity of Mid Sussex District to Accommodate Development (LUC) (June 2014) View Document
CDE.15 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 (June 2015) View Document
CDE.16 Sequential Flood Risk Test for the Mid Sussex District Plan 2014-2031 (August 2016) View Document
CDE.17 Mid Sussex Landscape Capacity Study (July 2007) View Document
CDE.18 MSTS Stage 3 Report: Mid Sussex Transport Study (December 2016) View Document
CDE.19 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (May 2009) View Document
CDE.20 Settlement Sustainability Review (May 2015) View Document
CDE.21 Site Allocations DPD Inspectors Report (May 2022) View Document
CDE.22 Strategic Transport Assessment Regulation 19 (August 2020) View Document
CDE.23 Strategic Transport Assessment Regulation 19 Non technical Summary (August 2020) View Document
CDE.24 MSDC-06a – Response to AP4 Matter 3.4 (Housing Land Supply - 5 year Housing Land Supply Statement – 11th June 2021) (submission to examination of Site Allocations Local Plan View Document
CDE.25 MSDC’s Housing Land Supply Position Statement as at 1st of April 2023 (July 2023) View Document
CDE.26 PINS Report on the Council’s Annual Position Statement (Jan 2020) View Document
CDE.27 Authority Monitoring Report 2021/22 View Document
CDE.28 Authority Monitoring Report 2020/21 and 2019/20 View Document
CDE.29 Authority Monitoring Report 2018/19 View Document
CDE.30 Draft District Plan 2021-2039 View Document
CDE.31 Adopted Local Development Scheme (November 2022) View Document
CDE.32 Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2021 View Document
CDE.33 Urban Capacity Study 2022 View Document
CDE.34 2021-2039 Housing Trajectory View Document
CDE.35 Mid Sussex Sustainable Economy Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2025 View Document
CDE.36 Mid Sussex Sustainable Economy Strategy District Profile 2022-2025 View Document
CDE.37 Mid Sussex Retail Study 2022 View Document
CDE.38 Economic Growth Assessment Update 2022 View Document
CDE.39 Economic growth Assessment Update 2020 View Document
CDE.40 Water Cycle Study 2020 View Document
CDE.41 Sustainable Energy Study (October 2014) View Document
CDE.42 Mid Sussex Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (March 2023) View Document
CDE.43 Transport Study: Scenario 4 and 4b Report (October 2022) View Document
CDE.44 Transport Study: Scenario 4 and 4b Report Non-technical Summary (October 2022) View Document
CDE.45 Transport Study: Scenario 3 Report (January 2022) View Document
CDE.46 Transport Model Validation Report (May 2022) View Document
CDE.47 Infrastructure Delivery Plan (October 2022) View Document
CDE.48 Local Plan Viability Study (May 2022) View Document
CDE.49 Assessment of the Impact of the SHELAA Sites on the High Weald AONB (October 2022) View Document
CDE.50 Major Developments in the High Weald AONB (October 2022) View Document
CDE.51 Setting if the South Downs National Park: Assessment of SHELAA Sites (October 2022) View Document
CDE.52 District Plan 2021-2039 – Summary of Responses to Draft Mid Sussex District Plan Consultation (Regulation 18) (March 2023) View Document
CDE.53 Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) Main Report (April 2022) View Document
CDE.54 SHELAA Appendix 1 – Housing Sites View Document
CDE.55 SHELAA Appendix 2 – Employment Sites View Document
CDE.56 SHELAA Appendix 3 – Excluded Sites View Document
CDE.57 SHELAA Appendix 4 – Commitments View Document
CDE.58 SHELAA Appendix 5 – Employment Commitments View Document
CDE.59 Mid Sussex Local Plan (Adopted May 2004) View Document
CDF Heritage Guidance and Related Information
CDG Landscape Guidance and Related Information
CDH Court Judgements
CDH.1 High Court Judgment of Phides Estates (Overseas) Limited vs the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government et al [2015] EWHC 827 (Admin) Clarifies the considerations to be taken into account when determining the weight afforded to a housing land supply shortfall (paragraph 60). View Document
CDH.2 Supreme Court Judgement of Suffolk Coastal District Council v Hopkins Homes Ltd and Richborough Estates Partnership LLP and another v Cheshire East Borough [2017] UKSC 37 Weight to be given to settlement boundary policies based on an out-of-date housing need (Paragraphs 45 and 63) View Document
CDH.3 Hallam Land Management Ltd v SSCLG [2018] EWCA Civ 1808 Considering the extent of the housing land supply shortfall – paras 50 to 52. View Document
CDH.4 Oxton Farm v Harrogate BC [2020] EWCA Civ 805 Weight to be given to out of date policies is a matter of judgement – para 52 View Document
CDH.5 Gallagher Homes Limited (2) Lioncourt Homes Limited v Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council [2014] EWHC 1283 (Admin) Sets out valuable guidance for all involved in the plan-making process on the objective assessment of housing need View Document
CDH.6 St Modwen Developments Ltd. v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Save Our Ferriby Action Group [2017] EWCA Civ 1643. Judgment is included regarding the definition of deliverability View Document
CDH.7 R. (on the application of East Bergholt Parish Council) v Babergh DC [2019] EWCA Civ 2200 View Document
CDH.8 Eastleigh Borough Council v Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government [2019] EWHC 1862 (Admin). Weight given to housing supply even when a five year housing land supply is demonstrated View Document
CDH.9 Bramshill v SSHCLG [2021] EWCA Civ 320 considers the approach to heritage harm paras 66, 71 – 73. View Document
CDH.10 Wavendon Properties Ltd v Secretary of State of Housing Communities And Local Government & Anor [2019] EWHC 1524 (Admin) (14 June 2019) sets out approach to most important policies and whether they are out of date paras 56-58. View Document
CDH.11 Peel Investments (North) Ltd v Secretary of State for Housing, Communities And Local Government & Anor [2020] EWCA Civ 1175 (03 September 2020) –interpretation of the term "out-of-date" in paragraph 11d of the Framework – para 66. View Document
CDH.12 Gladman Developments Ltd v Secretary of State Case No. CO/3932/2019 View Document
CDI (March 2020). Summarises the approach to the tilted balance, paragraph 90.
CDI.1 Land to the east of Newport Road and to the east and west of Cranfield Road, Woburn Sands, Buckinghamshire (APP/Y0435/W/17/3169314) View Document
CDI.2 South of Williamsfield Road, Hutton Cranswick (APP/E2001/W/18/3207411) View Document
CDI.3 Poplar Hill, Stowmarket (APP/W3520/W/18/3214324) View Document
CDI.4 Station Approach, Lower Sydenham (APP/G5180/W/16/3144248) View Document
CDI.5 Land off London Road, Bolney, West Sussex (APP/D3830/W/19/3231996 and APP/D3830/W/19/3231997) View Document
CDI.6 Land off Watery Lane, Curborough, Lichfield (13th February 2017) (PINS ref APP/K3415/A/14/2224354). View Document
CDI.7 Land north of Dark Lane, Alrewas, Buton upon Trent (13th February 2017) (PINS ref APP/K3415/A/14/2225799). View Document
CDI.8 Land at Deerlands Road, Wingerworth (19th November 2018) (PINS ref APP/R1038/W/17/3192255). View Document
CDI.9 Land off Satchell Lane, Hamble-le-Rice (20th December) (PINS ref AP/W1715/W/18/3194846). View Document
CDI.10 Land at Little Sparrows, Sonning Common (25th June 2021) (PINS ref APP/Q3115/W/20/3265861). View Document
CDI.11 Land off Audlem Road/Broad Lane, Nantwich (15th July 2020) (PINS ref APP/R0660A/13/2197532). View Document
CDI.12 Land west of Park Lane, Charvil (2nd March 2017) (PINS ref APP/X0360/W/15/3130829). View Document
CDI.13 Land east of Butts Road, Higher Ridgeway, Ottery St. Mary (14th December 2012) (PINS ref APP/U1105/A/12/2180060). View Document
CDI.14 Land to the west of Park Farm, Thornbury (13th February 2023) (PINS ref APP/P0119/W/21/3288019). View Document
CDI.15 Land on east side of Green Road, Woolpit (28th September 2018) (PINS ref APP/W3520/W/18/3194926). View Document
CDI.16 Longdene House, Hedgehog Lane Haslemere (19th January 2019) (PINS ref APP/R3650/W/16/3165974). View Document
CDI.17 Land to the west of Cody Road, Waterbeach, Cambridge (25th June 2014) (PINS ref APP/W0530/A/13/2207961). View Document
CDI.18 Land south of Oakridge, Highnam. Gloucestershire (20th December 2018) (PINS ref APP/G1630/W/3184272). View Document
CDI.19 Land north and south of Flitch Way, Pods Brook Road, Braintree (13th June 2019) (PINS ref APP/Z1510/W/18/3197293). View Document
CDI.20 Site of the former Hazeldens Nursery, London Road, Albourne 11th September 2020) (APP/D3830/W/19/3241644) View Document
CDI.21 Start to Finish Second Edition (Feb 2020) (Lichfields) View Document
CDI.22 Land at Peacocks, Horsted Keynes APP/D3830/W/19/3242226 View Document
CDJ National Planning Policy Documents & Ministerial Guidance
CDJ.1 National Planning Policy Framework (July 2021) View Document
CDJ.2 Planning Policy Guidance (June 2021) View Document
CDJ.3 Gove ministerial statement (December 2022) View Document
CDJ.4 Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill: reforms to national planning policy (December 2022) View Document
CDJ.5 National Design Guide (January 2021) View Document
CDJ.6 PINS Note 14/2022 (8 December 2022) View Document
CDJ.7 Housing Delivery Test Measurement Rule Book View Document
CDJ.8 Housing Delivery Test: 2021 Measurement Technical Note View Document
CDK Affordable Housing Documents and Guidance
CDK.1 House of Commons Debate (24 October 2013) View Document
CDK.2 Children’s Commissioner Report “Bleak Houses: Tackling the Crisis of Family Homelessness in England (April 2019) View Document
CDK.3 Shelter Report “Denied the Right to a Safe Home; Exposing the Housing Emergency” (May 2021) View Document
CDK.4 Shelter Report “Unlocking Social Housing: How to fix the rules are holding back building” (April 2022) View Document
CDK.5 House of Commons ‘Rising Cost of living in the UK’ briefing report (November 2022) View Document
CDK.6 Shelter Briefing Report ‘Briefing: Cost of Living Crisis and the Housing Emergency’ (September 2022) View Document
CDK.7 National Audit Office Homelessness Report Executive Summary (13 September 2017) View Document
CDK.8 White Paper: Fixing Our Broken Housing Market (February 2017) View Document
CDK.9 Regulator of Social Housing: Rent Standard (April 2020) View Document
CDL Highway Guidance and Related Information
ID Core Documents received during the Inquiry
ID.1 Landscape and Visual Clarification Note View Documeny
ID.2 Residual effects comparison View Documeny
ID.3 Decision Notice for St Stephens, Horsted Keynes View Documeny
ID.4 Decision Notice for Land east of Keymer Road, Burgess Hill View Documeny
ID.5 Committee minutes for Byanda View Documeny
ID.6 Appeal decision PW Clark Suffolk View Documeny
ID.7 Email from LPA to Kerr Brown regarding permissions and resolutions View Documeny
ID.8 Opening statement by Christopher Boyle KC on behalf of appellant View Documeny
ID.9 Opening Statement by Paul Brown on behalf of the Council  View Documeny
ID.10 Update from appellant View Documeny
ID.11 Crawley Brough Council document View Documeny
ID.12 Conservation Area and Footpath View Documeny
ID.13 Census profile of area   View Documeny
ID.14 Imberhorne Upper School Inquiry Note View Documeny
ID.15 Hurst Farm position note View Documeny
ID.16 WSCC email View Documeny
ID.17 Mr Zeidler statement View Documeny
ID.18 Draft S106 received 18th August View Documeny
ID.18a Draft S106 received 21st August View Documeny
ID.19 Unilateral Undertaking View Documeny
ID.20  Croudace Housing Delivery rates View Documeny
ID.21 Closing statement by Paul Brown KC on behalf of the Council View Documeny
ID.22 Closing statement by Christopher Boyle KC on behalf of appellant View Documeny
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