In accordance with the guidance issued by the Local Government Secretary, all NHS and Social Car Staff do not have to pay for parking in any pay and display bay, either in the Council’s car park, or on the road. The directive applies to these employees only, as opposed to other key workers or residents.  Members of staff should display either a photocopied ID badge (with personal data removed), or a letter of authority from their employer.

Please note, however, the District Council is not currently charging in its car parks at the present time.

If NHS or Social Care workers need to park in other types of bays, such as residents bays or limited waiting bays, the Council is offering an additional 12-week dispensation free of charge which can be used in any area within the West Sussex County.  Please email, and you will be sent a template you may sign and complete. This can then be displayed in the windows.  At the end of the 12 week period, this arrangement will be reviewed.

Please note this does not cover other areas such as yellow lines, disabled bays or loading bays.  Vehicles using these dispensations should not cause an obstruction

Last updated: 31 March 2020