Mid Sussex is committed to helping to secure a healthy and vibrant economy.

We aim to do this by influencing other bodies and organisations such as:

Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

In April 2018 we formally adopted the refreshed Economic Development Strategy for Mid Sussex.

This Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan has been developed in collaboration with our strategic and local partners and seek to ensure delivery of the key corporate objective of securing sustainable economic growth. It is also a key delivery tool for the District Plan (2014- 2031).

It also supports the:

as well as the regional aspirations in the:

Economic Recovery Plan

The Economic Recovery Plan has been prepared and sets out over 30 actions which the Council will deliver in line with the government’s pillars of economic recovery: Backing Business, Increasing Opportunities, Securing High Value Inward Investment, Accelerating Innovation, and, Encouraging a Green Recovery. Amongst the actions is the Council’s Covid-19 Recovery Grant which offers £300k grant support to communities and businesses in addition to government support funding.

Economic Recovery Plan

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Economic Development
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Last updated: 02 March 2021