From £10.00 - Thursday 03 October 2019

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Cuckfield Book Festival (Cuckfest) is now in its third year and attracts more and more people every year.  This year, it begins on Thursday 3rd October with a guided walk round Borde Hill Garden with the head gardener, followed by a glass of prosecco and a talk by Vanessa Berridge, renowned gardens writer.  There is a literary quiz on the Thursday night, a supper at Ockenden Manor with a celebrity speaker on Friday 4th and then two days of authors' talks over the weekend of 5th and 6th October.  Events for children will take place at the Old School during Saturday 5th October - lots of fun to be had there.

When is it?


14:30 on Thursday 03 Oct 2019


21:00 on Sunday 06 Oct 2019

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Queen's Hall Cuckfield and Old School
RH17 5EL

Ticket Price

From £10 per person

Some events more expensive - e.g. Borde Hill event, Ockenden Manor supper. Children's events cheaper

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Cuckfield Book Festival
7 Halleighs, Whitemans Green,
Cuckfield, West Sussex
RH175 DD


Sheila Mortimer
Programme organiser

Telephone: 01444 443337