"No matter what people say, self-care isn’t selfish. I’ve noticed than whenever I take self-care more seriously, it has a hugely positive impact on how I feel and act." 

Your mental wellbeing is about how you're feeling right now, and how well you can cope with daily life. Our wellbeing can change from moment to moment, day to day, or month to month. Sometimes it changes because of things that happen to us and sometimes it changes for no reason at all. It can affect the way we feel about ourselves and others, and about the things we face in our lives. 

Having good wellbeing can help you to:
  • feel and express a range of emotions
  • have confidence and positive self-esteem
  • have good relationships with others
  • enjoy the world around you
  • cope with stress and adapt when things change.


Good wellbeing doesn't mean you'll always be happy. It's normal to feel sad, angry, or low sometimes. But if you have poor wellbeing for a long time you might start to find things more difficult to cope with. 

Organisations to support Parents and Carers for their teens in Mid Sussex  

Be OK is a free mental health service for people aged 16 to 25, living in Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex, that provides confidential support which promotes independence and helps to build resilience 

WSCC Early Help Services Youth Emotional Support (YES) supports young people experiencing mental and emotional health issues that include anxiety, low mood, suicidal ideation and plans and significant harming behaviour.  Interventions are based upon the goals the young person has identified and focus on resourcing, equipping and empowering the young person. 

WSCC Young Carers (Family) Service continues to provide a whole family approach to supporting Young Carers (0-17) who have a caring role due to a long-term health issue or disability in their family.  Online group activities are currently being developed and will be promoted to Young Carers registered with our service later in the autumn term.  

WSCC Your Space - Online advice and information for young people relating to health, education, jobs and things to do. 

Targeted Family Work Family Support Worker led Early Help Plan to deliver a targeted intervention through the coordination of a multiagency team and plan.  This is direct whole family working focused on improving outcomes for children in need of help on a range of issues.   

Mid Sussex Wellbeing can help you to find local wellbeing information and services. You can also get support for things like getting your family fitter, doing some regular exercise, dealing with stress, kicking a habit, or simply improving your general wellbeing. 

Last updated: 23 March 2021