Why is it important to support LGBT+?

It is critical for the parents, guardians, carers, and other family members of LGBT+ youth to have access to the resources they need to ensure their LGBT+ children are protected and supported.  

“If you’ve ever wondered if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or exploring your sexual orientation and/or gender identify, you’re not alone.”  Many teens ask themselves this question, and here are ways to find some answers.  

Resources for LGBT+ young people, their families and friends (thebeyouproject.co.uk) 

Here are some general sites for all young people who think they might be lesbian, gay, bisexual or are questioning their sexual orientation, and/or who think they might be trans, or are questioning their gender identity: 

  • youngstonewall.org.uk – Stonewall Youth website, with helpful advice and information. If you need to talk to someone, you can also call the Stonewall information service on 08000 50 20 20

Support locally can be found from Allsorts - Allsorts Youth Project - Parents & Carers 

Allsorts Family Support Service emerged in 2013 in response to the need for parents/carers of children and young people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or exploring their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBT+), to connect and provide each other with support, community and friendship.  
To find out more about the types or support on offer, please contact our Family Support Worker at: parents@allsortsyouth.org.uk

Last updated: 21 August 2023