Our Housing Strategy 2009-2014 sets out five objectives to:

  • Increase the supply of affordable housing
  • Prevent homelessness
  • Improve the quality and sustainability of housing
  • Promote independence and inclusion
  • Provide efficient and customer focused housing services

It also identifies what resources will be used and how we will work in partnership to deliver the strategy.

More information


Emma Shuttleworth
Business Unit Leader Housing Services

Tel: 01444-477431
Email: Emma.Shuttleworth@midsussex.gov.uk

Homelessness Strategy

Please read our Homelessness Strategy 2016-21

And for more information contact:

Samantha Horne
Housing Needs Manager
Email: samantha.horne@midsussex.gov.uk

Tenancy Strategy

The Localism Act required local authorities to publish a Tenancy Strategy by 15 January 2013.

What does the Tenancy Strategy contain?

The Mid Sussex Tenancy Strategy 2012 lists contact details for Registered Providers in Mid Sussex.

It details our expectations in regard to:

  • Affordability of rents
  • Tenancy length
  • Circumstances under which a fixed-term tenancy might not be renewed
  • Communication and helping people make informed choices
  • Governance arrangements and monitoring how the new tenancies are working

Contact us

Helen Blackith
Housing Enabling Manager

Last updated: 15 June 2018