Woodland facelift at Clair Hall Recreation ground

PR2092/SW/MF - 10/03/2017

Mid Sussex District Council has started work to make the woodland at the Clair Hall Recreation Ground more visible, open and accessible.

The woods next to Clair Hall Recreation Ground in Haywards Heath have become overgrown and covered with brambles and shrubs. The thick foliage means it is an unwelcoming place for most residents and the cover it provides makes it an attractive location for anti-social behaviour.

The Council started work on Thursday 9 March to cut back the overgrown brambles, Laurel and Holly shrubs in the section of woodland that runs alongside the cricket pitch. The larger trees will have branches that are lower than 6ft from the ground removed and the shrub cover around the Cricket Pavilion will be trimmed.

Removing the undergrowth will allow woodland flowers like bluebells, snowdrops, and daffodils the sunlight they need to grow and spread. It will make the area much more open, attractive and visible, which in turn will help to reduce anti-social behaviour and make local people feel safer.

“Local residents have expressed concern about people using the woodland as cover for anti-social behaviour,” said Councillor Gary Marsh, Cabinet Member for Service Delivery. “We’ve listened to what they have to say and this new conservation programme will make sure the woodland is more open and inviting.

“We will target a different section of the woodland each year to make sure that the woodland is constantly trimmed back. All of the green waste we remove will be shredded on site and spread over the non-grassed areas to encourage the woodland flowers to grow.”

For more information about parks and open spaces in Mid Sussex contact the MSDC Landscapes team on 01444 477439 or email parksopenspaces@midsussex.gov.uk