Postal and Proxy voter deadlines approach

PR2098/TC/JB - 06/04/2017

Provided you are registered to vote in Mid Sussex there is still time to sign up for postal and proxy votes for local elections.

If you will be unable to get to the polling station on election day, Thursday 4th of May, but would still like to vote in the West Sussex County Council elections, please contact Electoral Services to find out how to vote by post or by proxy.

Postal vote applications must be made by Tuesday 18th of April 2017 at 5pm. Proxy vote applications must be made by Tuesday 25th April 2017 at 5pm.

A proxy is somebody who goes to the polling station and votes on behalf of the registered elector. The deadline date for registering to vote in these elections is Thursday 13th of April. Residents who wish to appoint a proxy voter must explain why the proxy is required and if proxy voting is chosen for all future elections then evidence must be provided to support the application.

A full list of candidates for the West Sussex County Council elections, and for local by-elections, is available at 

To find out more about the election, or get help registering to vote, please contact Electoral Services at Mid Sussex District Council on or call 01444 477222.