New taxi licensing safety measures in Mid Sussex

PR2097/YL/MF - 04/04/2017

From 1 May 2017, Mid Sussex District Council will introduce a penalty points scheme for licensed Taxi and Private Hire vehicles to provide extra protection and safety for passengers.

The Council has consulted closely with Sussex Police, the Mid Sussex Taxi Association, and local Town and Parish Councils to produce a scheme that meets the needs of passengers, drivers and taxi operators.

The new penalty points scheme is a straightforward way for Mid Sussex District Council to formally record any incidences of driver misconduct. Penalty points can be issued for a wide range of issues such as smoking in the cab, failing to notify the council of a change in medical circumstances, or using a non-hands free mobile phone.

Should a driver accumulate 12 penalty points within a 24 month period, the matter will be referred to the Mid Sussex District Council Licensing Committee. The committee then has the power to either suspend or revoke a licence, or issue a warning.

The penalty points scheme will be introduced in addition to the existing enforcement options available to the council. “We want to make sure that the service provided to the public by licenced taxi and private hire vehicles in Mid Sussex is safe to use and of the highest possible standard,” said Tom Clark, Head of Regulatory Services at Mid Sussex District Council.

“This new penalty points system is a simple way for us to keep track of any breaches of licensing regulations and to highlight any repeat offenders. By closely monitoring the behaviour and conduct of drivers and operators we aim to improve the standards, safety and protection of the travelling public.

“If you travel by taxi or private hire vehicle then it’s important to check the ID and credentials of the driver before you set off. Our penalty points scheme only applies to taxis and private hire vehicles that are licenced by Mid Sussex District Council so that’s something to check when you first get in 

“If you have any concerns about driver conduct then please take note of the licence number when you exit and report the matter to the council.”

For more information about taxi licensing in Mid Sussex call 01444 477335 or email