MSDC prepares to consult on updated District Plan

PR2407 - 12/01/2022

MSDC will shortly consult on a draft updated District Plan to meet the government’s requirements.

The MSDC District Plan was adopted in 2018 and runs to 2031 and the Government requires that Plans must be updated every 5 years so that housing need is met, and policies remain relevant and effective.

MSDC must adopt an updated District Plan by 2023 otherwise it will be considered out of date.

“Without an approved District Plan” Councillor Salisbury, MSDC’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning, noted “we lose control over new planning applications and leave ourselves vulnerable to developers pursuing speculative housing developments”.

Legislation dictates that the District Plan must plan for 15 years from the date of its adoption meaning an updated plan in Mid Sussex will run from 2023 to 2038.  

Councillor Salisbury added, “The standard method for Housing Need as laid out in Government policy sets the required number of new homes in Mid Sussex up to 2038 at around 18,500. Of these about 11,500 are already planned for in the District Plan, the Site Allocatiosn DPD, and Neighbourhood Plans”.

“This means that the new Plan must identify sites to meet at least 7,000 new homes. The method for selecting sites to be allocated has been via a transparent and robust site selection process”.

Subject to Council agreement the Consultation period for the first stage of the updated District Plan will run from the 14 February to 28 March 2022. This will be widely advertised via social media activity, on the Council website and via email alerts.