MSDC confirms any decision on potential future use of the Clair Hall site will be informed by new public consultation.

PR 2236 RH/MJ - 10/02/2021

On 13th of January the Council confirmed that it reopened the Hall for use by the NHS as a vaccination centre with the Hall available for as longas the NHS needs it.

Meanwhile MSDC proposes to undertake feasibility studies to identify practicable, community options for the future use of the Clair Hall site and to undertake a new public consultation exercise.

Jonathan Ash-Edwards, Leader of Mid Sussex District Council said, “At the moment, Clair Hall is fulfilling a role as a vaccination centre. For the future, we will look at options to improve the site and meet a range of community needs. This will include consultation with the public”.

In December MSDC received a legal challenge which was settled amicably out of court by a Consent Order. The Council has already confirmed that it will comply with the Order.


In September the Cabinet commissioned a business case to explore options on the site that provide for a range of community needs and are financially sustainable.

Following the legal challenge, both sides agreed a consent order that required the Council to reconsider the permanent closure of Clair Hall and carry out new consultation on the future of Clair Hall.

The Hall is now re-opened, and the new consultation will take place in 6 to 12 months as required by the Consent Order. 

The NHS use of Clair Hall as a Vaccination Centre continues.