Mid Sussex car parks retain Park Mark Awards

PR2088/CO/MF - 20/02/2017

Local people and visitors can feel safe and secure parking in Mid Sussex after seventeen Council run car parks retained the prestigious Police ‘Park Mark’ award for crime prevention and safety.

The British Parking Association, on behalf of Sussex Police, recently assessed the award-winning car parks. All 17 of the car parks have been recognised as examples of excellent parking design and will proudly display the Park Mark sign of quality for the next 12 months.

Park Mark car parks have clear directional signage and use traffic flow techniques like one-way circulation so drivers are not confused about which way to go. Pedestrian access and exit points are clearly indicated and painted paths highlight the safest places to walk.

Park Mark car parks have lower levels of crime and reduce the fear of crime because they have measures in place to deter offenders, such as perimeter fencing, surveillance and bright lighting. They are also clean and well-kept to reassure drivers they are in a safer environment. Litter and graffiti are quickly removed in order to deter further vandalism and criminal damage.

“Mid Sussex is already a low crime area but we’re committed to doing everything we can to deter crime and make residents feel safe,” said Councillor Gary Marsh, Cabinet Member for Service Delivery. “Park Mark car parks offer a safe and welcoming environment for local drivers and visitors to the area and I’m delighted that 17 of our car parks have met the standard again this year.”

The ‘Park Mark’ is part of the UK Police flagship initiative ‘Secured by Design’ that promotes crime reduction through effective design and security standards in public buildings, roadways, footpaths and car parks as well as private houses.