Local taxi driver has licence revoked for driving unsafe vehicle

PR2192/FC/MF - 12/11/2018

A Mid Sussex taxi driver has been stripped of his licence after a random check revealed he had been driving without a valid MOT certificate.

Mr S Miah of Newport Road, Burgess Hill was stopped on 25 May 2018 by a Mid Sussex District Council Licensing Officer, who found that Mr Miah’s vehicle had a defective tyre and no longer had a current MOT certificate. When questioned by the officer Mr Miah admitted that he knew his vehicle did not have a valid MOT.

The hackney carriage had failed its MOT test on 28 March 2018, which recorded seven serious faults and three further advisory items. In spite of this, Mr Miah knowingly continued to carry passengers in the vehicle, racking up a further 3047 miles until he was stopped by the Council Licensing Officer.

The Mid Sussex District Council Licensing Committee considered the case on Thursday 26 July 2018 and found that Mr Miah was not a fit and proper person to continue to hold a hackney carriage driver’s licence. Mr Miah’s licence, as well as that of the defective vehicle, was revoked on 27 July 2018 on the grounds of public safety.

Mr Miah appealed the Council’s decision but that appeal was rejected by Brighton Magistrates Court on 24 October 2018.

“Mr Miah’s car was found to be in a very poor condition and not covered by a valid MOT,” said Councillor Norman Webster, MSDC Cabinet Member for Community. “To carry on driving the car in the state that it was in demonstrates a serious lack of care and professionalism.

“Our primary role as a licensing authority is the protection of the public and Mr Miah’s failure to ensure his vehicle was roadworthy demonstrates just how little regard he has for passenger safety.

“The Licensing Committee was left with no choice other than to revoke Mr Miah’s licence and I hope this decision serves as a valuable lesson to other taxi drivers about how important it is to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained.”