Inclusive playground equipment for Fry Crescent

PR2165/NB/MF - 30/04/2018

New inclusive playground equipment has been installed in the Fry Crescent area of Burgess Hill to provide local children of all abilities with the opportunity to play together.

The £35,000 play area has been provided by Mid Sussex District Council and was officially unveiled by Councillor Jacqui Landriani on Wednesday 25 April 2018.

Mid Sussex District Council believes that every child should have equal access to the best play opportunities. When new activities are installed in local playgrounds, the Council is committed to providing inclusive equipment that allows all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to be active.

At Fry Crescent in Burgess Hill, the old springy bikes and climbing frame have been removed to make way for the new equipment. They have been replaced by a new roundabout, extra seating and a multi-purpose climbing unit that features a rope walkway, slide, drag ramp and a fireman's pole.

The roundabout is wheelchair accessible and the climbing unit also has wheelchair accessible platforms. The slide has been specifically designed at the top and bottom to make transfer to and from wheelchairs easier and the drag ramp has hand rails at two different heights to enable less mobile children to climb to the top using the rope and soft grips.

The climb nets have a shallow incline to make it easier to reach the top and are wide enough for helpers to support children if it is needed. The top of the picnic table has also been extended so children in wheelchairs can sit next to abled bodied friends and family.

Careful arrangement of colourful plants has created a secret log seating area for toddlers to practice their balance skills. Across the play area is a quiet seating area, again shielded by plants, to help nervous children adjust to the activity of the play area.

“It’s great to see the Council providing new playground equipment that’s fun for all children, not just the able bodied,” said Councillor Jacqui Landriani, Mid Sussex District Council Member for the Burgess Hill, Dunstall Ward. “Inclusivity is really important and it’s something that we want to be part of all our new playground equipment.

“This new playground equipment is fantastic because, not only is it terrific fun, it provides a real challenge for both disabled and able bodied children. The clever design means that children of differing abilities can develop, explore and find the limits of their capability in an exciting and fun way.”

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