General Election polling cards arrive on doorsteps

PR2107/TS/MF - 30/05/2017

Mid Sussex District Council has posted out a poll card to every registered elector ahead of the General Election, which takes place on Thursday 8 June 2017.

It is not essential to take the poll card to the polling station in order to vote but the poll card does make it much easier for polling station staff to locate voter details on the register and can really help to speed up the process on polling day.

Poll cards also provide details about which polling station voters need to attend so it’s important to check the card before heading out to vote. Voters in the Meads area of Burgess Hill and Town area of East Grinstead are advised to pay particular attention to polling station locations on the most recent polling cards as the venues may have moved since some residents last voted. In this election, voters in Leylands Ward, Burgess Hill are voting at the Sydney West Centre.

All postal vote ballots have also been distributed to residents and Mid Sussex District Council is encouraging postal voters to return their votes as soon as possible to ensure their voice is heard.

Residents who have applied to vote by post cannot by law be allowed to vote in person at the polling station. However, as a last resort, any postal voter who is unable to post their vote in time will be able to hand in a completed postal vote, in its sealed envelope, at any polling station within Mid Sussex.

If you have any questions regarding registration or the electoral process then please contact the Mid Sussex District Council Electoral Services team on 01444 477003 or email