Free no trick or treating' posters to display this Halloween

PR2134/NA/JB - 25/10/2017

Free Halloween posters are being provided by Mid Sussex District Council and Sussex Police to show ‘Trick or Treaters’ if they are welcome to call.

Mid Sussex District Council and Sussex Police are asking revellers to be respectful of people who do not wish to take part in trick or treating. The Council is making ‘No trick or treat’ and ‘trick or treaters welcome’ posters available from the District Council offices, Town Council Help Points and online.

Halloween has become an increasingly popular celebration over the past few years for children, families and young people especially, but it is important not to have fun at the expense of others. If you are celebrating Halloween, please consider the elderly and more vulnerable in the community who may find having strangers call at their door a frightening and intimidating experience.

If you see someone displaying a no trick or treat poster, please do not call at those homes as people do not wish to be disturbed.

“Dressing up and visiting neighbours can be great fun at Halloween, but there are members of the community who are nervous about people calling at their home after dark,” said Councillor Norman Webster, Cabinet Member Community.

“We want everyone to enjoy the evening of 31st October so we’re encouraging people to display one of these posters in their front window to either welcome trick or treaters to call, or to ask them not to stop this time.”

To download the free Halloween posters visit 

For more information on Community Safety call 01444 477489 or email