Empty East Grinstead home given a new start

PR2033/CT/MF - 21/03/2016

A house in East Grinstead that has stood empty for almost 20 years is set to be brought back into use.

Mid Sussex District Council has agreed to obtain a Compulsory Purchase Order for 125 Queen’s Road, East Grinstead following a number of complaints from local residents about the poor condition of the property and the state of the gardens.

The Council has been working with the owner for many years to try and persuade him to carry out the necessary improvements to the house but the property remains empty and in a poor state of repair. Three separate Section 215 planning notices have been issued on the property that legally require improvement works to be completed. The rundown property has become a blight on the neighbourhood and has caused considerable distress to neighbours.

“It’s such a shame to see empty properties going to waste when we have so many local families who are struggling to get on the property ladder,” said Councillor Norman Webster, Cabinet Member for Health and Community. “We work with the owners of long-term empty properties around the district to try and help them bring their properties back into use. These homes can be empty for many different reasons and most issues can be overcome with time and support. But, in some cases it’s just not possible to reach an agreement and we are left with no choice but to step in.

“We always give the owners of long-term empty properties every opportunity to bring their properties into use or arrange a private sale. However, where the owner won’t work with us to improve the situation, then a Compulsory Purchase Order is our only option.” Once the Compulsory Purchase Order is obtained, the house will be put on the open market with an agreement that whoever buys the property ensures all improvements works are completed and it is lived in once more.