District Council’s Parking Team introduces new electric vehicles

PR2371/CO/MF - 13/07/2021

Mid Sussex District Council’s Parking Enforcement team will be keeping the air clean while they keep streets clear, thanks to the introduction of three new electric vehicles.

The Parking Enforcement team carry out daily patrols across the District to ensure public safety and the free movement of traffic, especially for the emergency services. Converting to electric cars will help to improve local air quality in Mid Sussex and will save more than 9 tonnes of carbon every year.

The switch to electric vehicles is part of Mid Sussex District Council’s Sustainability Strategy, which looks at ways to protect the environment, tackle climate change and cut Greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. Other energy saving initiatives introduced by the Council include the installation of solar panels on Council buildings and switching to energy efficient windows, heating and lighting.

Cllr Stephen Hillier, Cabinet Member for Economy said:
“We’re delighted to be replacing some of our parking enforcement fleet with electric vehicles, with a commitment to replace further vehicles when current leases expire. As well as the environmental benefits, the new vehicles will achieve long term financial savings with reduced running and maintenance costs.”

Cllr John Belsey, Cabinet Member for Environment & Service Delivery said:

“Changing our vehicles to electric cars shows the Council leading by example, meeting the Council’s sustainability objectives, and promoting sustainable practices within the community.”

The Parking Enforcement team is a partnership service between Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council, providing enforcement both on street and in car parks across Mid Sussex.