Council makes significant sustainability strides

PR2342/ES/MF - 11/03/2021

Mid Sussex District Council is making important progress when it comes to energy conservation and preserving the natural environment.

The Scrutiny Committee for Leader, Finance and Performance met on Wednesday 10 March to discuss the progress being made to deliver the Council’s Sustainability Strategy. Members heard how the Council is reducing its environmental impact by improving its buildings, public spaces and procurement.

The PV solar panels installed on Council buildings generated 27,404 kwh of pollution-free electricity during 2020/21, a carbon reduction of 6.9 tonnes. The installation of energy efficient windows, heating improvements and changing to LED lighting has also helped to save energy and reduce Greenhouse gas emissions.

The Council is supporting sustainable methods of travel for employees by providing electric vehicle charging points at the Council offices and offers staff the use of electric bikes for both business and recreation. The Council’s Parking Services team is also working to replace three petrol powered cars with electric vehicles, so Civil Enforcement Officers can carry out their duties without polluting the air.

In Burgess Hill, the Council has secured £20 million of funding for sustainable transport initiatives, that will be delivered through the Place and Connectivity Programme. In the past year, over 3,500 metres of footways, cycle paths and bridleways have been enhanced to provide safe and reliable alternatives to using the car.

Councillor John Belsey, Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Service Delivery said:

“As a Council, we are always looking for ways to protect the environment, tackle climate change and support the Government’s work to cut Greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

“Whether it’s introducing wildflower meadows in our public spaces to increase biodiversity and protect native species, or supporting community-led schemes to reduce plastic waste and encourage people to recycle more, there’s so much we’re doing to help protect the environment.

“Looking outside of the Council, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our local economy and it’s going to be vitally important for us to support local businesses and help them through this difficult time.  Our aim is to help the local economy build back greener by delivering against UN Sustainable Development Goals and working towards a positive future for Mid Sussex.”