Council approves new 10-year parking strategy

PR2322/CO/MF - 14/12/2020

Mid Sussex District Council has approved a new 10-year parking strategy to ensure council run car parks continue to meet the needs of the local community for years to come. 

The Council manages 34 public car parks in towns and villages across the District and each one has an important role to play in supporting local economic centres and balancing the often-conflicting needs of visitors, employees, residents and commuters.

Demand for parking spaces varies significantly across the District and the new parking strategy seeks to manage that demand more efficiently and proposes to move away from a blanket approach to how car parks are managed, to a tailored response that better meets the local needs of each town and village.

The Council has recently invested in new technologies that enable motorists to pay for parking digitally and new technology will be key to improving customers’ experience in the future. In car navigation systems and smartphones will increasingly be used to decide which car parks to visit, and the strategy will enable the Council to respond to new technological innovations.

Councillor Stephen Hillier, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth said:

“The number of cars on the roads is increasing all the time and, as a result, the demand for parking spaces has never been greater. It’s vital that we plan for the future so we can ensure parking in our car parks remains a positive experience that enables people to go about their daily business with a minimum of fuss.

“Our parking strategy sets out how we will use our car parks to support the recovery from Covid-19, balance the various demands of users and support our town and village centre businesses in a sustainable way. In our three towns, the aim is to consolidate our car parks, offering greater capacity in fewer locations. This will make it easier for residents to park straight away, avoiding congestion, frustration and the environmental impact of driving about looking for a space.

“This strategy, and the investment it proposes, clearly demonstrates our commitment to improving the customer experience for residents and visitors to our area. Using emerging technologies and nationwide best practise, we can play a small part in minimising the environmental impact of our parking customers and support sustainable economic recovery and growth throughout our towns and villages.”

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