Copthorne Neighbourhood Plan made part of the Local Development Plan for Mid Sussex

PR2384/SB/MF - 05/10/2021

Future development in the village of Copthorne will be shaped by a Neighbourhood Plan after Mid Sussex District Council formally made it part of the Local Development Plan.

The resolution to ‘make’ the Copthorne Neighbourhood Plan was taken by Mid Sussex District Council on Wednesday 29 September 2021. The decision will enable Mid Sussex District Council to use the plan to determine planning applications in Copthorne.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been produced by Worth Parish Council in partnership with the people of Copthorne. It includes general planning policies that will guide and shape the future of the area, such as where new homes and open spaces should be located and what they should look like.

On Thursday 16 September, villagers voted on whether they wanted Mid Sussex District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Copthorne to help them decide planning applications in the area. Residents voted significantly in favour of using the Neighbourhood Plan, with 446 people voting ‘Yes’ and 64 voting ‘No’.

Councillor Robert Salisbury, Cabinet member for Housing and Planning said:

“It is heartening to see that those who have been diligently preparing these important documents are still putting the work in and that they are coming forward. I really welcome the Copthorne Neighbourhood Plan and the work that has gone in by the members of that community. I fully endorse it.”

For more information on the Neighbourhood Planning process contact the Mid Sussex District Council Planning Policy team on 01444 477391 or email