Bring your poll card to the polling station

PR2214/TC/JB - 04/04/2019

Mid Sussex District Council is taking part in the Government’s Voter ID pilot scheme. This means that everyone voting at a polling station on the 2nd May 2019 is asked to bring their polling card with them as voter ID.

Poll cards have been arriving on doorsteps around District for those registered to vote. Residents are being urged to keep their polling cards safe, and remember to bring them along to the polling station. If you still need to register to vote you need to do so by Friday 12 April to vote in these elections, you can register at

A range of Pilot Voter ID projects are taking place in various authorities across the country. Insight from the schemes will be used to help ensure the security of the voting process and reduce the risk of voter fraud. Projects are testing four models of Voter ID checks, and in Mid Sussex this will require voters to bring their poll cards to the polling station.

Mid Sussex Returning Officer Tom Clark said;
“Although voter fraud is currently at a very low level it is rising in some areas of the country. These projects are important to ensure the integrity of the voting system for the future, and we are happy to be supporting this aim.”

If you lose your poll card, it must be cancelled and a new one can be issued. The latest time to re-issue is 9pm on polling day, but at this stage you would need to collect it from the MSDC offices in Haywards Heath. For any enquiries please contact Electoral Services on 01444 477222.

Full details of the Voter ID project, including other acceptable forms of ID, can be found at