Waste Reduction Tips and Information

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Tips to reduce food waste

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Zero Waste Website - this website is run by a family as they try to achieve Zero Waste - they are aiming to recycle and reduce their landfill waste down to nothing! The website is full of useful information on waste reduction and offers 'Monthly Challenges' such as saying no to paper bills & saying no to carrier bags.

If you don't feel up for the challenge of getting your landfill waste down to Zero, then browse our suggestions below and follow the links to the left,to help you to reduce the waste we make.

Electrical Appliances & Batteries

Try using wind-up or solar appliances where possible, e.g. radios and calculators.

Always ensure when buying a new printer that its cartridges can be recycled.

Use rechargeable batteries where possible.

In the Garden

Large plastic bottles make great mini greenhouses and keep slugs out!

Old car tyres stacked on one another make great planters for potatoes.

Ice lolly sticks can be used to make labels for your plants.

Use old egg boxes as seed trays


One of the largest parts of domestic waste is garden and kitchen waste. Much of this can be composted to make a soil improver, thereby reducing the need to use peat based products and saving on the waste that goes to landfill. Composting at home for just one year can save global warming gases equivalent to all the CO2 your kettle produces annually, or your washing machine produces in three months.

Buy a Compost Bin

West Sussex County Council can provide home composting bins at substantially reduced prices to local residents. Please look at WSCC Compost Bins webpage for full details.

You can find lots of useful information and Frequently Asked Questions about composting on the Recycle Now Compost pages.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil can be composted. It's best to mix it first with paper and cardboard.

A cooking oil and sand mixture will clean garden forks and spades, or if diluted with paraffin it can be rubbed onto outdoor wooden furniture to add life to it.

Party time!

Avoid paper / plastic cups for parties. Hire in crockery, get better quality plastic cups and reuse them. Share items for parties with friends and families.

Try to make sustainable, minimal packaging party bags. Check out the ideas on Ethical Party Bags and Happy Green Earth.

Don't put out too much food, try to use a menu that allows you to get some extra out of the freezer if it looks as if it will be needed.


Buy a nice pen that you can get refills for, you will probably find it writes better too!


Take unwanted medicines back to the chemist in their original bottles. They will then be disposed of safely.

Real Nappies

In the UK we throw 8 million nappies every day. Real (washable) nappies are now widely available in a range of sizes, colours, designs and prices. There are many advantages to using real nappies, including reduced cost; health benefits, a reduction in rubbish, plus numerous environmental benefits. Real Nappies today are much more user friendly than the old terry towelling squares that some of us may remember!

There are many advantages to using washable nappies in terms of cost, health, waste prevention and the environment. For full information and facts about real nappies please visit the Real Nappy Campaign website and the Women's Environmental Network website.

Washing Liquids

Use eco friendly washing balls in your washing machine rather than detergents. Eco Balls replace washing powder in your washing machine, costing 3p per wash compared to 20p-30p for leading detergents. Eco-Balls save on heavy shopping loads and packaging - they are reusable for over 1,000 washes and cost only around 3p per wash. 100% hypo-allergenic, residue-free and anti-bacterial, they are a more natural alternative to conventional washing powders and are ideal for sensitive skins.

Useful Websites

There are several websites now where you can donate your unwanted items to other people locally. Its always worth a try as one persons junk is another persons treasure! Have a look at the following:

Freegle - find new homes for unwanted items at a local level.

Freecycle - advertise your unwanted goods and swap them for something you do want!

Recycle.co.uk - Lists items you you have to give away for free or might want from other people. Gives priority to charities which can collect free of charge.

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