Reduce Your Food Waste

Food Waste

About one third of the food we buy in the UK goes to waste. The main reasons for this are cooking or preparing too much & not using food ‘in time’. We are also guilty of forgetting to freeze or chill foods & forgetting what we have in our cupboards.

If we stopped wasting food which could have been eaten, it would have the same impact on carbon emissions as taking 1 in 5 cars off UK roads, and we could save ourselves some money! The more food we buy, the more packing we have to throw away too.

What can You do?

  • Try planning your weeks meals ahead thereby going shopping with a rough idea of what you need. Buying fresh fruit & veg twice a week rather than bulk buying will mean you throw less away, eat fresher goods and probably save money too.

  • Once a week create a meal from what is left in the fridge & cupboard & freezer.

  • You can store things such as grated cheese or sandwiches in an airtight box in your fridge.

  • Be sensible with portion sizes.

  • If you are tempted by ‘buy one get one free’ offers, be sure you can use everything, or alternatively freeze a portion.

  • Go and look at the ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ website for tips on keeping food fresh & how to get the most from what you buy.

  • Get yourself a compost bin to turn your fruit & veg peelings etc into compost for your garden. Or look at Green Cones & Green Johannas that can digest all kinds of food leftovers.