Food Waste Digesters

Where do you put your Food Waste?

About one third of what we throw away is food waste. If this goes to landfill it produces methane as it breaks down. Methane is a gas that contributes more to global warming than Carbon Dioxide.

But you can dispose of your food waste at home with a Food Waste Digester.

There are two main types of Food Waste Digester

  • The Green Cone
  • The Green Johanna

For full details of Green Cone & Green Johanna go to Green Cone Limited website

The Benefits of Food Waste Digesters

  • Safely disposes of all food waste at source, no transportation
  • Works all year round
  • Help to keep wheelie bins clean
  • East to set up and maintain
  • Do not attract vermin
  • Mean less organic waste goes to landfill
  • Reduced greenhouse gases

Which system will work best for you?

Both systems take all your food waste, cooked and uncooked.
The Green Johanna also takes garden waste, which it turns into
compost whereas the Green Cone produces a minimal residue.

In Mid Sussex many properties have a very clay soil. Where this is the case a Green Johanna may work better. Alternately you could put a green cone into a raised bed to aid with drainage.

Yes No Takes all food waste and no garden waste
No Yes Takes all food waste and requires 30% garden waste
Yes No Produces minimal residue (residue can be used on your garden)
No Yes Makes a rich compost
Sun Shade Best position for installation in garden
Yes No Requires good drainage
No Yes Requires stirring occasionally (Stirring stick provided)
Yes No Installation requires digging a hole (42cm deep - 60cm wide)
Yes Yes Does not attract vermin (if installed as per instructions)
10 Year 5 Year Product guarantee
Yes Yes Reduces need for collection of waste
Yes No Comes with free kitchen caddy
Yes Yes Suitable to take food waste from a family of up to five people
No Yes Suitable for the larger family 6
Yes Yes Entirely safe for you and your pets
No Yes Can be used with high water table
Yes Yes Keeps wheeled bins clean and free from smells
Yes Yes Saves landfill
Yes Yes Reduces Greenhouse gases

 Buy a subsidised food waste digester from WSCC