Eco Friendly Shopping

Close the Loop! Basically there is no point in recycling if there is no end market for the product.

  • Try to buy recycled products wherever you can. Look for recycled paper products such as toilet roll, wrapping paper, note paper.
  • Shop Smart - make a list and stick to it in the supermarket, we buy a lot of food that just gets thrown away. Not only will you reduce waste but you will save yourself money too.
  • Choose the product in the container you know you can recycle locally.
  • Try to reuse bags whenever possible and refuse unnecessary bags. Each high quality reusable bag you use has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime.
  • Buy loose products wherever possible to cut down on packaging.
  • Buy re-usable goods rather than single-use disposable items wherever possible, for example- nappies, razors, and cameras.
  • Buy larger packs of food and split them , such as - putting some bread buns in the freezer for later (in a reusable freezer bag of course!), splitting packs of biscuits into lunch boxes rather than buying individually wrapped packets.
  • Consider buying birthday or Christmas gifts made from recycled / fairly traded / organic materials. You could also consider giving waste-free gifts such as tickets to the theatre or cinema, or a voucher for a massage or a lesson such as sky diving.