Communal Bins

This page explains how the landfill and recycling collections works for flats above shops and blocks of flats/communal dwellings.

Leaflet about rubbish and recycling for flats and communal living

In Mid Sussex, we feel strongly about providing recycling facilities to all residents living in all types of accommodation. However the type and size of bin or recycling container provided might be different depending on the type of property you live in.

Flats Above Shops

If you live in a flat above a shop and there is space on the ground (not on the public highway, and with permission from the landowner) to store wheelie bins, then wheelie bins can be used. You will be provided with a bin for rubbish and a bin for recycling, and you will be receive an Alternate Weekly Collection (rubbish one week and recycling the next week).

However, if you live in a flat with no access to storage space for bins it may be necessary for you to use MSDC blue bags for general rubbish and a recycling box (provided by the Council) for your recycling. In both cases you will be responsible for placing your rubbish or recycling out by 7am on your collection day at the point nearest the public highway, or the agreed collection point.

If you are unsure where to place your bins/sacks for collection please contact the Refuse & Recycling Services team (details on the right).

Blocks of Flats/Communal Dwellings

If you live in a block of flats or a communal dwelling it is likely that you will have communal bins to dispose of your rubbish and recycling rather than individual bins. The size and number of bins will depend on the space available in the bin area and access to the area. The bins should be kept within a bin store or a designated area within the property boundary.

Please note that there are a small number of communal dwellings that do not have recycling bins due to lack of space/unsuitable bins areas. If you live in a flat that cannot have recycling bins you can recycle at local bring sites across Mid Sussex.

Your Landlord, Managing Agent or Housing Association should be able to provide you with all the information you need on the location of your bins when you move in.

The large communal rubbish and recycling bins in bin areas may be different colours to the bins supplied to individual households and shown on the Councils leaflets. However, the bins should all have clear labels showing what they should be used for.  If they do not, please get in touch and we will arrange for new signs and stickers as necessary.

Communal bins can be used to deposit exactly the same materials as individual bins.

All recycling should be clean, dry and loose.

Please remember, no plastic bags in the recycling bins.

For full details of what you can put in your recycling bins please look at our leaflet about rubbish and recycling for flats and communal living but please remember that your bin lid colours may vary to those in the leaflet, but your bins should be clearly labelled.


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