Paper and Cardboard

All paper and cardboard items can be put in your blue lidded recycling bin at home.

Yes please

  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Food packaging sleeves
  • Envelopes (including ones with windows) /junk mail
  • Greeting cards/wrapping paper
  • Telephone directories/Yellow Pages
  • Catalogues
  • Egg boxes
  • Cereal boxes

No thank you

  • Shredded paper
  • Metallic wrapping paper
  • Paper towels

Please ensure that you only put clean and dry paper and cardboard in your recycling bin. We cannot take wet paper and cardboard for recycling as glass sticks to it and it cannot go through the recycling sorting process. Recycling that contains wet paper and cardboard may be sent to landfill.

On average in the UK each family uses the paper equivalent of one tree. If we had to grow all those trees within the UK we would need to grow a forest the size of Wales every year! Obviously this is not possible or sustainable. Luckily we have been recycling a lot of paper for quite a few years now so we don't need to grow that many trees. However we can still increase the amount of paper & card we recycle, saving precious resources.

Recycling paper uses less than 50% water than it takes to make brand new paper, and there's all the energy saved by recycling paper within the UK rather than importing timber or paper from abroad.

Paper Information Fact Sheet

Paper and cardboard recycling FAQs: